Liverpool news: Pep Guardiola admits Anfield atmosphere is the world’s best

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes that there is no other stadium like Anfield.

He said(via Liverpool Echo):

“I thought they’d score a goal at Anfield, and I am sure the players knew that Anfield is Anfield.

“The motto ‘This is Anfield’ is no marketing spin. There’s something about it that you will find in no other stadium in the world.

“They score a goal and over the next five minutes you feel that you’ll receive another four. You feel small and the rival players seem to be all over you.

“We’ve all gone through what happened to Barca.

“They were laughing at me when we were losing 3-0 after the first 15, 20 minutes of the quarter-final. It’s a bugger of a ground.”

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